First time I fired a Raku pot I was hooked. I was very fortunate to have Michael Sheba as an instructor. He is one of the most prominent Raku artists not only in Canada but whole North America and his pieces are collected worldwide.
Needles to say, it is my favorite art form. The fact that you never really know how the glazes and the whole piece will come out of the smoke is so fascinating for me. So far I was very lucky that I haven’t lost a piece because of the tremendous thermo shock. Out of the 1,800 °F kiln straight into sand and covered with leaves or other organic and flammable material. It is all very unpredictable.
You can read about Raku in more detail here.
The gallery is organized chronologically into five sections: 1982, 1983 and 1987 in Toronto and 2007 and 2008 in Tillsonburg. Yes, I am on and off potter for sure.

Very first Raku piece I have ever made and it shows J



That was a good year!

Tillsonburg Raku Workshops 2007 and 2008


All 2008 pieces are about 10” tall.

There are more pieces that I gave as a gift and never took a picture of them.