For now I will show just few recent pieces. My idea is to make a chronological album of what I have done. Of course, I will have to start with pottery made at Western Tech College in Toronto under guidance of one and only Michael Sheba. What a potter, artist and human being! I just wish that I could be his student again. I will never forget our Raku sessions in his Toronto’s High Park area house backyard! What a blast! Michael, I miss you and Judy to no end.
As I said, this is just a preliminary draft and will be updated it quite frequently.

This is my favorite hand build piece. (2008)

Jar with a Lid (1982)

The glaze on this vase looks almost polarized. (2008)

Hand build slab construction vase. (2007)

Another slab construction vase. I just love these red glazes, you never know how they will come out of a kiln, almost like a raku. (2008)

Two more hand build pieces, my favorite technique. (2007 and 1983)

Another ginger jar, hand build with coils. After the cap came out of glaze firing I noticed that it has a map of Africa on it. Purely coincidental. (2008)

Fluted Jar (1981)

Tea Pot and Cups (2008)

This bowl was made by rolling a thin sheet of clay over canvas to give the clay texture, draping it over inflated balloon and let it dry a bit and then add foot ring. (2007)

Chalice (2007)

Small Bowl (1983)
Soup Bowl (1983)

Tea Cup (1982)

Small Vase (1983)

Small Tall Vase (2007)