When I started to take pictures of my clay sculptures I realized that beside the golf shoes and a glove all other pieces are birds, be it fairly realistic or downright whimsical. I am not surprised at all because we both love birds. I still have to make my favorite: Duck. And maybe domestic white goose. And a swan, we have so many of them flying over our house every March. Yup, I have new projects…
Here we go. Sort of real looking ones first.

Two stylized Mergansers above have a sort of Mexican flavor to them, I think. When I glazed them I wanted something bright and sunny.
I had some scrap clay that I didn’t feel like wedging (sort of kneed it for reuse) or throw it away, so I made these little chicks with pinching method. Kind of a thing and technique that school kids do at summer camp. They make nice paper weight.
Another view of Canada Goose.